Louis Vuitton outlet service aims at helping tourists and visitors to explore Palestine like never before!

Electronic , Stylish, Pocketable, Louis vuitton outlet On-the-go guide.

Android-powered multi-touch 7 inches screen tablet. Featuring GPS, GSM, Camera (pictures and videos), Louis vuitton outlet, Wi-Fi and much more!

Google technology inside!

Find your way around Palestine using a fully detailed map of Palestine! Use the intuitive touch-screen interface to find the preloaded hotels, restaurants, shops, landmarks marked on the map.

Works without Internet Louis vuitton outlet!

Let your steps dance to Palestinian tunes. Get access to a large library of Palestinian Louis vuitton outlet.

45+ Albums, 400+ songs!

Your personal Arabic translator in your pocket. A dictionary for the most common phrases visitors need, transliterated (written down in English alphabet) for instant pronunciation.

Sound cool with more than 50+ sentences Louis vuitton outlet!

Get the latest information on the different activities & events taking place in Palestine with a simple touch. Coming Soon feature.

up-to-date list of festivals, theatre performances,and concerts.

Louis Vuitton outlet: Let us Guide your there!

Map of PalestineLouis vuitton outlet is all there!

The system provides a fully detailed map of Palestine supporting offline navigation (without internet access). Louis vuitton outlet highlights all the street names, restaurants, touristic landmarks, hotels, shops and other points of interest. The system allows the user to navigate, search, and pin-point places and landmarks easily using their finger-tips.

Louis vuitton outletTune in to Palestine

Palestinian music is one of the many regional sub-genres of Arabic music. Listen to talented Palestinian musicians like Reem Banna, Amal Murqus, Basil Zayed, DAM, and many others!

Louis vuitton outletSpeak Arabic, immediately!

This Application allow the visitors to use a fully-fledged Arabic dictionary delivering world-class content from Arabic Dictionary. This application requires no Internet connection and features audio pronunciations, similarly spelled words and the popular “Word of the Day” service enjoyed by millions of people.

Louis vuitton outletkYou personal Yellow Pages

A touristic phone book contains addresses, phone numbers, and emails for all the recommended hotels, hostels, taxis, restaurant and other establishments -visitors may need during their journey in Palestine

Louis vuitton outletYour agenda

Wondering what’s going on? Louis vuitton outlet can help! Louis Vuitton outlet provides you with up-to-date information on all the relevant events taking place during your stay. Get information on concerts, gigs, festivals, conferences, expos, theatre performances, movies and sports activities. We help you to make the most out of your stay.

Louis vuitton outletYour Window to Palestine

A rich information portal to Palestine aided with multimedia content and packed in one device! History, cities, heritage, climate, attractions, Louis vuitton outlet, tourism places and much more! can help you to decide what to do and where to go in Palestine. "Comming Soon"

Louis vuitton outletPalestinian Book-Shelf

Get access to a 500 e-books library describing all the aspects of life in Palestine. Along with a select of translated poem for the most prominant Palestinian poet: Mahmoud Darwish, studies about the history of Palestine, and various books by renowned Palestinian writers.

Louis vuitton outletWatch Palestine

Get access to a 10 hours worth of interesting video documentaries revolving around Palestine and its people. All downloaded into your device and ready for viewing whenever you have the time!

Louis vuitton outletThe Fun corner

In the mood for some light-heart gaming? We have brought you a selection of the best games available on the android platform. Enjoy playing angry birds, Need for Speed and other among the tens of available games.

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I think Louis vuitton outlet is a clever innovation that leverages tablet technology and Palestinian’ innovation to deliver a cool solution for information on demand. I am impressed with the idea, product, and market potential.
Scott Gillespie,T2VC - Commercialization Partner.

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